Hi friends today here we get very good information about sms sending online job sms sending job is a Ideal for adding and extra income.
multiple terms of income is the principle that all the rich people in the world in the world live by depending on a single income stream is a receipt for financial disaster.
mobile / online sms marketing the medium of add publishing where we published the add matter through online directly to mobile in the form of messages.
online mobiles sms forward is not a medium of advertising only but also income source as a part / full time jobs for all.

online or mobile sms marketing is a well known term for most of us as a name suggest it is a medium of online marketing of different add matters provided by the business organization for their fastest product and service advertising our civilized societies daily life becomes more complicated and busy day by day and due to that reason people have lucky of time to which other activities around them and any kind or medium of advertising needs attention in this filed online sms marketing plays on important role we are working in the field of advertising using different available medium and online or mobile sms marketing is one of these we companies and forward these all through our registered part/full time employees in different cities of India by this both of us ( company and the part/ full time employees ) can achieve the target of income in a short period.

SMS Sending Jobs - Packages

Name of Product ID ChargeError AllowedWorking daysTarget per dayAmountMonthly Income Total Income
SilverRs.2000/-56 month100 SMS PER DAYRs. 0.50/-Rs.1500/-Rs.9000/-
GoldRs.3000/-101 Year100 SMS PER DAYRs.1.00/-Rs.3000/-Rs.36000/-

  1. The User Has to Send 100 SMS per day without any fail, if client fails to do so then his/her ID would be canceled & Contract would be terminated.
  2. There will be no mix-up levels in regards of payment & payment will be paid according to the Error level achieved by User .
  3. SMS Content, Mobile App, and Data Will be Provided by Company .
  4. Once the project is delivered is not take return back .
  5. If the number of ERRORS exceeds more than the given errors in a User ID , that ID will be considered as cancelled & contract would be Terminated .
  6. Payment Will be done after the completion of 30 days of a ID .
  7. Carefully Read Instructions / Guidelines before starting the project .

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